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October 31, 2023

The key role of word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to build trust, increase credibility, and boost conversion rates. One of the most effective ways to leverage this type of marketing is by showcasing customer reviews on your website. 

Customer reviews are particularly important for high-ticket items and products. Research shows that more than 90% of shoppers read or research reviews before making a purchase, and the trustworthiness of review content surpasses that of other website sections. By showcasing a substantial number of genuine positive reviews from satisfied customers, along with visual testimonials such as images or videos, you can significantly enhance the trustworthiness of your website and product quality. 

In this blog we will explore strategies for showcasing reviews on your website, tactics for generating initial reviews, and leveraging social platforms for sustainable word-of-mouth marketing strategies.

Strategies for showcasing customer reviews

The display of customer reviews is crucial on both the homepage and the product detail pages. Users typically enter a website through search or recommendations, or they may land on a product detail page through advertisements. Therefore, it is important to strategically showcase customer reviews on these pages.

On the homepage, you can create a dedicated "Customer Reviews" section using the SHOPLINE review management plugin. This allows you to curate and display high-quality reviews, helping to boost conversions.

On product detail pages, it is essential to list all unique customer reviews specific to each product, including star ratings and detailed review content. 

Cold-start for customer reviews 

Now that we understand the benefits of showcasing customer reviews and strategies for displaying them, let's explore how to quickly enrich the content of customer reviews on your website. Below are two effective cold-starting strategies: importing reviews collection from multi-platforms and inviting existing customers to leave reviews.

Multi-channel reviews importing

We recommend using a multi-platform review collection plugin in conjunction with your website - SHOPLINE Product Review. This plugin allows you to collect reviews from various platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress and more. It can be easily installed from the SHOPLINE App Store and provides a convenient way to collect reviews by capturing comments from the current page you are browsing.

Here’s how you can import reviews to your online store:

Step 1: Install the Review Collector

Step 2: Open the product details page of the AliExpress or Shopify store that needs to collect comments

Step 3: Use the collection plugin on the product details page of AliExpress or Shopify stores, and you need to open the SHOPLINE store Admin at the same time.

Step 4: Select the store product corresponding to the collection comment, the quantity, star rating, and whether or not to bring a picture and click "Collect Comments" to start collection

If "Import directly without review" is checked, it will be directly imported to the store's product reviews after the collection is completed. If not checked, the import audit operation can be performed after the collection is completed. After the Chrome plugin completes the import operation, you can view the imported reviews in your SHOPLINE Admin.


For detailed instructions on using the review collection plugin and managing reviews in the SHOPLINE backend, please refer to the article: "Multi-Platform Review Collection - SHOPLINE FAQs."

Review invitation

In addition to importing reviews from other platforms, you can also leverage the Review Management plugin to obtain the first batch of genuine high-quality customer reviews. By encouraging customers through email invitations and import options, you can quickly build trust and improve conversion rates.

Through Review Management plugin, encouraging reviews, sending emails and importing reviews can never been easier. 

Sustainable word-of-mouth marketing strategies

Don’t forget to leverage your social platform. Customer reviews on social platforms provide tangible product ratings, making word-of-mouth marketing essential for high-value and repeat-purchase product categories. 

Consider adding an Instagram photo wall to your homepage, showcasing reviews and testimonials from existing customers to engage first-time visitors. You can also organize product feedback activities on social media platforms to collect user opinions and improve your products and services. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses thrive on customer feedback, as it allows them to directly address consumer concerns and preferences.

The final words

Want to leveraging the power of customer reviews and watch your business thrive? Come on board with SHOPLINE. Use SHOPLINE’s Multi-channel Review Importer to streamline your review management process and drive success for your business.

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