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SHOPLINE Markets helps sellers address the obstacles when selling globally including currency conversion, language localization, local payment methods, duties and import taxes, etc.

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Assign different settings for easy global brand experience management

A marketplace can contain a single country or a group of countries. For example, you can create a marketplace called "North America" for Canada, the United States, and Mexico; also you can create another marketplace for only one country.

Realize the importance of a domain name when maximize customer acquisition internationally

International domains increase your store's visibility on search engines, helping to attract new customers and increase store conversions; SHOPLINE Markets makes it easier to set up region-specific domain strategies by automatically creating subfolders when creating new marketplaces.

Website selling jewelry with international domain on it
SHOPLINE various payment methods

Increase conversion rates by offering local payment options to international customers

SHOPLINE Markets makes it easy to add mainstream local payment methods to your checkout options to help reduce abandonment rates.

Emphasize the importance of customs duties and import taxes in international business

SHOPLINE Markets gives international customers a highly trusting experience by collecting duties and import taxes on the checkout page; this allows customers to clearly understand the total cost at checkout, while ensuring merchants remain compliant in every market.

SHOPLINE reminds merchants with taxes and duties on the checkout page

Create tailor-made online shopping experiences
for different buyer groups

Set local pricing
  • When you create an active marketplace, customers in those countries/regions will browse and pay in their local currency by default.

Currency conversions and exchange rates
  • Currency conversions occur during a transaction, such as when a payment is obtained, a refund is issued, or a chargeback occurs. The foreign exchange rate used is always the rate for the duration of the transaction.

Set product prices by country/region
  • You can set the corresponding product and logistics prices for individual active markets.

  • When selling in local currency, you can use discount codes to offer percentage based discounts and fixed amount discounts to your customers.

Gift Cards
  • Gift card denominations and balances are set in your store's currency, but customers purchase and redeem in their local currency.

  • Refunds are always issued to the customer in the currency the customer used to pay for the order.

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