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Simplify workflows with ready-made templates

Simplify workflows with ready-made templates
Effortlessly manage product availability with automatic publishing and unpublishing based on stock levels.
Improve communication and fulfillment efficiency by automating supplier notifications for specific order items.
Enhance customer tracking and management with automatic "Repurchase" tags for returning customers.

Optimize your marketing efforts using automation

  • Create foolproof marketing tasks with just a few clicks
    Create professional marketing content with SHOPLINE's smart editor and customizable templates. Enhance your content with new product pushes, hot lists, festival promotions, and more!
  • Revolutionize sales approach with comphrehensive suite of automation tools
    Maximize sales with our automation tools that cover the entire user lifecycle. Utilize welcome emails, abandoned order recall, and inactive customer re-engagement to drive growth.
  • Target customers more efficiently with real-time updates of customer data
    Efficiently target your customer segments with real-time data updates, multi-dimensional tags, and customer portraits.
Optimize your marketing efforts using automation

Gain actionable insights to supercharge your automation strategy

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Track the performance of your automations with dashboard overview
Personalize your marketing workflows to connect with your customers at every point of their journey and catalyze business growth.
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Automate workflows
Streamline your business processes with Workflow Automation. Maximize sales & engagement with our customizable templates. Track email/SMS subscribers & sales with data overviews. Get expert guidance on creating effective templates, improving open rates & preventing spam.
Marketing automation
Elavate sales and engagement with our customizable templates. Monitor email/SMS subscribers and sales, and get expert guidance for effective templates, higher open rates and spam prevention.

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