Ecommerce Order Management System

Provide a remarkable delivery experience for your customers and unlock omnichannel features such as click & collect, ship from store, instore returns and more.

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Never Lose a Sale with Real-Time Stock Management
Keep your stock turning over with multi-channel  fulfilment.
Unify your inventory to be able to fulfil orders from any location; stores, warehouses, fulfilment centres and drop ship locations. 
Intelligent fulfilment to simplify your order processings
Automatically send orders to the location that fits your specific criteria for fulfilment and automate your business processes.
Manage your inventory effectively.
Track inventory levels across your entire business, manage stock movement, and optimise supply chain with ease.

Manage your inventory more effectively

Track inventory levels and stock movement, and optimise supply chain with ease.

  • Customisable stock alerts
    Set up alerts for low stock levels across your entire commerce business, reducing the risk of stockouts and ensuring there’s inventory available when customers are ready to make a purchase.
  • Multichannel inventory management
    Manage inventory across multiple sales channels, including your online store, marketplaces, sales channels and more, all in one place. Say goodbye to manual inventory updates and hello automation!
Manage your inventory effectively
Customized shipping rules and rates

Simplified ecommerce shipping rates for every budget

Enjoy flexibility and ship smarter with Shopline’s delivery solutions

  • Greater shipping customization with SHOPLINE
    Set up custom shipping rules and rates based on location, order value, and more.
  • Manage returns and refunds through a centralized system
    Easily process returns and refunds with SHOPLINE's centralized system. Enjoy automatic updates to inventory levels and order status.

Power your online and offline business with SHOPLINE POS

Unify your commerce operations with real-time inventory synchronisation, and give your customers seamless brand experience.

Meet your customers where they are and manage everything from one platform
Real-time inventory synchronisation
Shared inventory stock across your retail shops and online stores to maximise every sales opportunity.
Timely inventory replenishment
Never lose a sale with smart inventory reordering alerts.
Easy transfer stock across locations
Transfer your stock across multiple locations in real-time.
Mobile stockcount
Scan and count inventory against your records on your device.
Faster deliveries with automated shipping and fulfillment

Faster deliveries with automated shipping and fulfillment

Automate shipping label generation and order tracking updates for faster deliveries and a better customer experience.

  • Order status updates
    Provide an exceptional customer experience by keeping your customers informed at every stage of the shipping process
  • Automatic stock updates
    No more manual inventory updates - inventory levels are automatically updated after each sale or restocking, no matter the sales channel

Take the leap into the future with omnichannel commerce

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