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Simplify your payment process and streamline your business operations with SHOPLINE Payments.
Our all-in-one solution enables you to accept multiple payment options, track revenue, and manage all payment activity from a single dashboard.
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More ways to pay

SHOPLINE’s wide range of payment options means that your customers can pay using locally relevant methods – in this way, we help you reach your global customers regardless of where they're from.

credit card
Credit Card
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Google pay
Google Pay
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SHOPLINE Payments' payment process
SHOPLINE Payments' payment process

Optimised checkout

SHOPLINE Payments' simplifies the payment process, provides an optimised checkout experience to boost your conversion rates.
Get access to industry leading features:

  • Product page with fast checkout one-click payment.
  • Generate custom product landing pages with prepopulated checkouts links in-person contactless card payments.

Support all of your business needs

With direct access to manage your business needs.
  • Track orders, payments, and refunds on unified dashboard.
  • Customise your shop checkout to match your shop theme.
  • Protection of customer's data with a fully PCI-compliance platform identify potential cyber fraud using advanced risk algorithms.
  • Access to faster settlements and payouts in local currencies.
Track orders, payments, and refunds on unified dashboard

Flexibility to leverage SHOPLINE Payments with your payment service provider

Whether you choose SHOPLINE payments or any third-party service provider, the card payment form is embedded securely via iFrame within your checkout page.

SHOPLINE payment service provider

No lock-in- flexibility to use leverage SHOPLINE Payments with your payment service provider

SHOPLINE has partnered with leading payment providers to provide the flexibility to use multiple solutions when needed . See the list of providers here:

Competitive pricing plans

Enjoy global competitive rates with our Shopline plans (to reduce your costs.) Want better rates? Talk to us today!

Everything you need to kick-start your online business. Set up your website, upload your products,and start selling! Access all the tools you need to set up, market and grow your business.
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1.7% + 20¢ AUD online
1.9% + 0¢ AUD in person
Credit Card Rates
Transaction fee if not using SHOPLINE Payments
  • 2%

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Best suited to established merchants achieving $55K GMV / month. This plan offers a lower transaction cost while still including all the tools you need to succeed.
1.6% + 20¢ AUD online
1.7% + 0¢ AUD in person
Credit Card Rates
Transaction fee if not using SHOPLINE Payments
  • 0.8%

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Our Premium Plan offers a lower transaction cost yet again, and is best suited to merchants with over $150K GMV / month.
1.4% + 20¢ AUD online
1.5% + 0¢ AUD in person
Credit Card Rates
Transaction fee if not using SHOPLINE Payments
  • 0.4%

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SHOPLINE Payments ?

SHOPLINE Payments provides a secure and reliable platform for merchants to process payments and manage transactions. SHOPLINE Payments allow merchants to accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more. SHOPLINE Payments also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, so that customers can check out with one tap in your online store.

2. How does SHOPLINE Payments ensure online payment security?

3D verification is a service provided by credit card companies for customers to securely shop online. It is an online acquirer verification system between card issuers, acquirers and businesses to ensure transactions are conducted securely. SHOPLINE Payments has set up risk control rules and will determine whether 3D verification is required based on each transaction, so as to protect the rights and interests of sellers and prevent fraud risks.

3. Does SHOPLINE Payments charge any transction fee?

Yes, when you capture a payment for an order, you're charged a SHOPLINE payment fee to cover the cost of processing the payment. The transcation fee depends on the subscription plan. SHOPLINE Payments' affordable rates help minimize transaction costs and boost your bottom line.

Want to learn more?

Learn how online payments work, and how SHOPLINE Payments can help you create a secure and easy checkout experience for your customers.

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