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Seamless migration to SHOPLINE – say goodbye to e-commerce platform nuisances
Safe and comprehensive data migration
Transfer your product, order, and customer data to SHOPLINE without any risk of data loss.
Maintain SEO and marketing performance
Secure your domain and keep your well-polished and high-ranking SEO content as you migrate to SHOPLINE. 
Simple and painless integration
Re-integrate with existing or find new third-party tools to help you grow your business with SHOPLINE’s comprehensive App Store.

Convenient and easy one-click relocation

Easily migrate your online store without any data loss or impact on sales.

Migrate with ease
One-Click Relocation is extremely user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface that allows you to migrate with just ONE click.
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Migrate with integrity
SHOPLINE ensures thorough data migration without any loss or corruption. You can continue to access your product information, customer data, orders, and other important data.
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Migrate without limits
One-Click Relocation supports a diverse range of e-commerce platforms, allowing for smooth and effortless migration.
Bulk import and upload with efficiency
Our relocation solution features easy-to-use bulk import and upload. Manage your inventory and sales with ease and speed.
POS & Online Seamless Integration

POS & online
seamless integration

Bridge the gap between your physical and online stores effortlessly, ensuring harmonious synchronization of merchandise, inventory, marketing, and customers.

  • Next-gen, cloud-based POS system
    Access data anytime, anywhere for smooth integration between online and brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Dynamic checkout process
    Optimise your payment process through our secure and dynamic system, enabling the acceptance of various payment methods and fostering business growth with precise transaction monitoring.

Get paid the right way

  • Wide range of payment

    Shopline’s wide range of payment options means that your customers can pay using locally relevant methods

  • One click payment

    Checkout from the product page with one click payment; saving conversions and time

  • Low rates

    Get low rates like you’ve never seen before to maximise your business potential with Shopline

Unified marketplace integrations to expand sales channels
Unified marketplace integrations to expand sales channels
Marketplace integrations

Unified marketplace integrations to expand sales channels

  • Automatic sync
    Seamlessly connect your SHOPLINE store to marketplace with features like bulk product listing, attribute mapping, syncing orders, and tracking shipments with flexible control.
  • Flexible Listing Optimization
    Create, Edit, and Manage product templates for varied listings. Perform bulk upload and import features and sync your data via the app in just a few minutes.

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