PayPal FAQs: Ultimate Guide for E-commerce Stores

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July 26, 2023

PayPal is a must-have online payment method for e-commerce stores. This blog has organized common questions about PayPal setting up, accepting payments with PayPal, and PayPal withdrawal payments for online sellers. Whether you need to set up a PayPal account, handle refunds, or have questions about fees and security, you got covered. Learn everything about how to work with PayPal in 2023 with this ultimate guide. 

1. How to get started with PayPal?

Set up a Paypal account

To create a business account, you need to do the following:

  • Gather necessary ID information, including business registration, business license, and legal representative's ID document.
  • Provide basic details such as business name, contact information, and preferred currency.
  • Provide details about the business, including product and service keywords, country of registration, and business registration number.
  • Provide personal details and verify the email address.
  • Link a bank account to allow for secure payments and withdrawals.
  • Choose the solution that best fits your business needs.

Paypal personal account VS business account, which one should I register?

Both PayPal personal accounts and business accounts support payment binding. For reasons such as risk control, the binding rules of PayPal may be different for different account types. Learn more about the difference between Personal and Business accounts.

To connect  PayPal with your online store, you need a Business PayPal account. Most functions and tools provided by PayPal for business owners are only available on business accounts.

How to enable PayPal payment in your SHOPLINE store? 

When you setting up your SHOPLINE store, you can authorize your PayPal account with just one click. 

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Settings > Payments.
  2. Under PayPal, click on one-click to authorize/register.
  3. Link your PayPal account to SHOPLINE.

For third-party payment providers, SHOPLINE will charge a small, nominal commission in addition to the transaction fees.

SHOPLINE PayPal Authorize

2. Receive Payments with PayPal

How can I accept payments?

Let your customers pay how they want by offering PayPal payments, card processing, and country-specific payment methods with PayPal’s all-in-one solution.

Give your customers their preferred ways to pay. PayPal’s all-in-one checkout solution lets you offer PayPal, Venmo, pay later options for your customers, and more to help maximize conversion.

For more information on fees, click Fees.

What are Payment Receiving Preferences and how can I set them?

If you have a Premier or Business account, Payment Receiving Preferences can handle payments automatically. You can convert any payment into your primary currency or block certain types of payments.
You can:

  • Block payments from customers who don't have a confirmed address.
  • Block payments that are sent to you in a currency you don't hold.
  • Block payments for duplicate invoice IDs.
  • Block payments from customers in other countries.

Here's how to set your Payment Receiving Preferences:

  1. Go to
  2. Edit your preferences. PayPal will automatically save your new preferences.

3. Paypal Withdrawl Payments

Where’s my withdrawal?

A "Complete" status means  PayPal has already processed your withdrawal request

However, it may take a few days for the funds to appear in your bank account as the bank needs processing time. If there are any issues with your withdrawal request, your bank will notify us within a week, and PayPal will email you updates. If there needs to be complete or correct information in your withdrawal request, your funds will be returned to your PayPal account, possibly with a return fee.

Please note that transfers are subject to review and may be delayed or stopped for any issues identified.

How do I withdraw funds from my PayPal account?

Once you have completed your identity verificationconfirmed your email address,  and linked your bank account, you can transfer money directly to your linked bank account, Visa, and MasterCard debit cards.

To withdraw money from your PayPal business account:

  1. Click Transfer Money below your PayPal balance.
  2. Select Standard  (free) or Instant (fee applies).
  3. Follow the instructions.

To withdraw money in the app:

  1. Tap your PayPal balance.
  2. Tap Transfer Money.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Can I cancel a withdrawal from my PayPal account?

Once you’ve requested a withdrawal from your PayPal account, you can’t cancel it.

If the transfer is complete and you need the money in your PayPal account, you can add it back.

Can I have my balance automatically transferred to my bank account?

Automatic transfers enable you to schedule the withdrawal of your PayPal balance to your bank account at a desired frequency and amount.

If you have a Business PayPal account, you can set up Automatic transfers by following these steps:

Click the More Options icon next to your PayPal balance and select Automatic transfers.

Select which bank account, the frequency, and the amount, and click Turn on Automatic Transfers.

You can set a minimum balance to ensure that there's sufficient money in your account for refunds, purchases, etc.

Why is my withdrawal being held for review?

To provide a secure online payment service, our system reviews every transfer before it's released. PayPal may hold some withdrawals for up to 72 hours for further review. This review can happen for various reasons. For example, if you’ve received a higher-than-usual payment or if you’ve logged in from an unsecured network, your transfer may be held for review.

When the transfer passes review, you’ll see the status update to “Completed”. The regular transfer timeframe will then take effect.

4. Paypal Fees and rate

What are the fees for PayPal accounts?

Opening a PayPal account and downloading the PayPal app is free. However, fees are charged for receiving payments from purchases, receiving payments from outside your country or region, and currency conversions. To view fees applied to your payments, go to Activity, find the transaction, and click on it. 

Visit PayPal Basics to learn more.

What is the PayPal Dispute Fee and why was I charged one?

PayPal charges a Dispute Fee to manage the dispute resolution process for transactions completed by a buyer with a PayPal account or PayPal Checkout as a Guest. This fee applies to claims filed directly with PayPal or through a chargeback/reversal with their bank. The amount of the fee depends on the percentage of claims filed against your total sales in the previous 3 months.

The Standard Dispute Fee applies, except for high-volume sellers with a dispute rate of 1.5% or more. The Dispute Fee doesn't apply to transactions processed through PayPal Pro or Advanced credit and debit card processing. The Standard Dispute Fee is waived for inquiries not escalated to a claim or resolved amicably between buyer and seller, or for unauthorized transactions.

How is the dispute rate calculated and how do I avoid being charged a dispute fee?

The dispute rate is calculated for a seller by considering the seller’s total value of claims and sales over the previous three months. Total claims include the transaction value of all claims filed directly with and escalated to PayPal, except claims for unauthorized transactions, as well as all chargebacks from card issuers or bank reversals.  

A merchant’s dispute rate can change between the Standard and High Volume rates over time. For any given transaction dispute, the applicable dispute fee will be based on the seller’s dispute rate when the case is created.

Sellers subject to the High Volume Dispute Fee can avoid the fee by resolving disputes directly with the buyer, or if the dispute is filed as an Unauthorized Transaction or an inquiry has not escalated to a claim. See more about how to avoid being charged fees.

What are Micropayments?

Micropayments are small payments for digital goods, under a certain amount in value. You can apply for a special micropayment pricing fee by contacting PayPal’s customer service.

The micropayment rate is available to business account holders. If you sign up for micropayments, you'll be charged the micropayments rate on all transactions regardless of the transaction amount.

Wrapping up

PayPal is a great service for small to medium e-commerce merchants. While support can be lacking at times due to the large number of users, there are usually resources available to help. Enable Paypal in your SHOPLINE store and see your online business thrive!

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