SHOPLINE 3D & AR Product Viewer: Transform Ecommerce Home Furniture Display

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August 16, 2023

One common challenge faced by online furniture sellers is the high rate of returns and exchanges. Customers return or exchange furniture because they find the size of the furniture doesn’t fit their space, even though they love the style.

These returns negatively impact the overall shopping experience. The reliance on online product images alone leaves customers guessing about the appearance and functionality of the product in real-life. This often leads to misguided assumptions and product returns.

So here comes the 3D & AR Product Viewer to address the problem. It’s an app developed by SHOPLINE, an innovative ecommerce website builder. This app allows sellers to upload and showcase 3D models on product detail pages, leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology to provide customers with an immersive and realistic visualization of the products. Good news? It is offered free of charge and available as a plug-in to all SHOPLINE sellers! 

Display home furniture through 3D models

Compared to static images, 3D models provide more comprehensive product details, captivating more customers. A case study of MADE.COM shows the implementation of 3D models can result in a 25% increase in conversion rates. Renowned brands like Home Depot and H&M have already begun utilizing 3D models to enhance online consumer experiences. 

By using 3D & AR Product Viewer, customers can freely zoom in, rotate, and examine the fantastic furniture from any desired angle. Traditionally, customers can only access images provided by merchants’ photographers. But now, they are the photographers who hold the camera. They can control the whole product by using their fingertips and get the whole picture of the product. This level of exploration goes beyond what traditional product images can offer and allows customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Leverage AR technology for innovative online furniture selling

Customers can leverage AR technology to virtually place the sofa within their room, freely selecting the placement and even adjusting its dimensions. This exciting technology not only adds a touch of fun to the shopping experience but also opens up a plethora of unique possibilities.

Picture this: your customers sit on the sofa at home and then open your website on their phone or tablet. Then, they choose a cabinet and use the AR feature to place it within the selected room. Through the screen, they can instantly view how the cabinet looks in different positions, whether the dimensions fit, and how it complements other furniture and decor in their room.

In SHOPLINE, you can easily realize this. All you do is shoot products through the 3D Photos app, download model files, and upload them to your store through 3D & AR Product Viewer. After enabling the AR display function, you will open a new way of selling, in which customers can virtually place the sofa within their room, freely selecting the placement and even adjusting its dimensions. The function provided a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Leverage AR technology for innovative online furniture selling
AR technology revolutionizes the way customers experience products and facilitates virtual "try before you buy" experiences. 

Enhance product display with customizable 3D & AR visualization

Enhance product display with customizable 3D & AR visualization

3D & AR Product Viewer plugin supports flexible configuration of lighting, field of view, and background color for different products' 3D models. You can customize these settings to create an optimal visual experience as a way to highlight product features and choose complementary backgrounds that fit your ecommerce website most.

More importantly, you have the ability to control the perspective from which customers view your products. Showcase them from every angle, ensuring that potential buyers get a comprehensive understanding of their design, functionality, and quality.

Unleash your creativity and create an optimal visual experience that sets your products apart!

Product 3D&AR display


3D & AR Product Viewer bridges the gap between physical and online shopping and revolutionizes the shopping experience for customers. 

Come on to start a free trial in SHOPLINE and level up your product display using 3D and AR technology. Visit the SHOPLINE app store today and embark on the new way of furniture selling!

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