SHOPLINE Buy Button: Seamlessly Sell Your Products Across Channels

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July 20, 2023

How to expand your online store to all possible places where consumers may gather at a low cost?

The recent decline in traffic on e-commerce platforms has made online seller Mike increasingly aware of the trend of decentralized traffic. He has decided to expand his store's marketing channels, making his products appear in more traffic-gathering areas, such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.

With SHOPLINE's Buy Button feature, Mike's idea can easily turn into reality. SHOPLINE provides the best merchant solutions to cater to your online, social media, and offline needs. With the no-coding-required website builder, SHOPLINE makes it effortless to start an online business.

SHOPLINE's Buy Button allows merchants to create checkout buttons for their products and embed them on their non-SHOPLINE websites or blogs. This enables customers to view product information, make purchases without leaving the website, and provides real-time updates on product information and order tracking for store owners. It's a seamless shopping experience for customers and an effective management tool for online store owners.

The Buy Button feature has been used by over 40,000 SHOPLINE sellers globally for product marketing and promotion. Whether you're an established merchant or just getting started, the Buy Button feature is an excellent way to broaden your customer reach and increase sales. So how to expand your sales channels and shorten transaction paths with Buy Button? Let's take a closer look.


Expand sales channels to make your sales everywhere

With Buy Button, sellers can generate product purchase button codes with a simple check in the SHOPLINE Admin, and then copy and paste them into any possible consumer scenario that has traffic and conversion needs but lack e-commerce buying kits, including brand websites, social channels, merchant stores, blogs, KOL promotion websites, and promotional emails. Any position where HTML custom code can be pasted can become a sales channel for sellers.


Buy Button insert buy button into html

For example, Ben sells beauty products in his store and creates a buy button for his best-selling skincare products. He then writes a blog post on WordPress about how people with different skin types can take care of their skin. When someone reads the blog post, they can click on the Buy Button shown below the paragraph to select the skincare products they are interested in.

Shorten transaction pathways to effectively improve conversion rates

Providing purchase buttons to consumers is like giving a shortcut to purchase products.

In the past, when merchants promotedsell their products on Instagram or external website pages, they used external links. They needed to go to the store website to place an order, which lengthened the conversion path. With SHOPLINE Buy Button, consumers can complete the entire purchase process directly on the blogInstagram, without the need for another jump to the store website

Selling on Instagram is such a simple job than never!

Low-cost innovative selling methods to increase sales

Buy Button empowers sellers to implement innovative sales methods and ideas at a low cost. For instance, sellers can leverage video marketing by setting up makeup tutorial videos on a webpage and adding purchase buttons to enable consumers to shop while watching the videos. They can also add a purchase button for pre-orders on the product introduction page or cross-sell by placing a cake purchase button next to the coffee bean purchase button on other merchant stores. The possibilities are endless with Buy Button.

Buy Button Blog

Sellers can also customize the display style of the Buy Button for different sales channels. Sellers can choose from various display styles such as single button or brief product display, and customize button settings like copy, color, and size. They can also customize the shopping cart settings as well as the order page jump form. With the flexibility to customize the Buy Button, sellers can tailor their sales approach to their specific needs and target audience.


Click to see more about Buy Button: Buy Button Instructions.

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