The Power of Email Marketing: How to 10x your conversion with SHOPLINE Smartpush Part II

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July 6, 2023

Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes looking to reach potential customers and increase sales. But with so many email marketing platforms available, how do you know which one to choose? That's where SHOPLINE Smartpush comes in. 

SHOPLINE Smartpush makes it easy to provide value to your subscribers, segment your audience to deliver more personalized content, and consistently test and optimize your campaigns for better results. So let's dive in and discover the power of email marketing with SHOPLINE Smartpush!

1. How Do I Verify Invalid Email Addresses?

When registering for membership, a customer may accidentally enter the wrong email address, or they may change to a new email address and abandon the old one. Additionally, email addresses that have been inactive for a long time may be cleared by the email service provider.

Maintaining a clean and active recipient list is essential for successful email marketing. However, sifting through a large number of recipient lists in a timely manner can be challenging. Fortunately, there are mature products on the market that provide relevant services for approximately 0.05 USD per recipient. SmartPush currently offers this service for free.

1.1 What is the value of verifying invalid Email addresses?

As we all know, keeping your contact list clean and active is one of the keys to successful email marketing.

(1) Maintain a good reputation as a sender

A large number of invalid email addresses in a recipient list can easily degrade the sender's reputation. This can lead ISPs to assume that the current sender is sending spam to unsubscribed recipients, which means a much higher chance of landing in the spam or junk folder.

(2) Better delivery effect

After invalid email addresses are cleared, only valid email addresses remain in the recipient list. This means that every email sent has the potential to be opened, clicked on by the recipient, and even to form a deeper connection.

(3) More accurate data reporting

It becomes more difficult to collect data and optimize email content by constantly sending emails to a recipient list filled with a large number of invalid emails that do not generate engagement. Therefore, the removal of invalid email addresses will have a positive effect on future email marketing campaigns.

(4) Improve ROI

Invalid email addresses consume outgoing traffic without generating real revenue. Therefore, the removal of invalid email addresses can significantly reduce the cost of sending emails, thus effectively increasing the return on investment (ROI).

1.2 How does SmartPush verify invalid email addresses?

At present, the SmartPush automatically checks the validity of emails each time it sends a message, filtering out invalid emails from the following aspects to make the sending list cleaner and more efficient:

(1) Send historical data ‍

SmartPush filters the following types of email addresses in advance in future marketing activities based on the history of the current recipient in the store:

The email address where the complaint was filed

There have been unsubscribed email addresses

A bounced email address appears

(2) Email validity verification service

Verify the validity of SmartPush email addresses to identify incorrect or non-existent email addresses.

The email verification service provided by SmartPush is completely free. Compared with the service of 0.05 USD per recipient in the market, it greatly saves the cost of email marketing. 

2. How to set up Automated Email Marketing?

Automation that liberates manpower is increasingly becoming an important part of digital marketing. SmartPush helps your business grow with powerful data aggregation capabilities and a preset workflow built around user lifecycle links.

2.1 What is Email Marketing Automation?

Automated email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your audiences. It is the most timely way to reach your customers when triggered by certain behaviors at certain times. The more precise and targeted the automated workflow is, the more revenue you'll end up with.

2.2 Automated marketing Emails include:

(1) Welcome emails: Welcome to subscribe to email

(2) Sales Retention: browsing page without purchase recall, browsing products without purchase recall, abandoning shopping cart, abandoning order recall

(3) Notification: order confirmation notice

(4) Customer relationship maintenance: repurchase wake-up, inactive customer recall, etc.

2.3 How Important is Marketing Automation?

The biggest benefit automated email can bring to businesses is undoubtedly increased sales. According to Getresponse 2022's latest data report, the average global open rate and click-through rate of automated triggered emails reached 35.64% and 5.31%, which is higher than the average for marketing emails.

In its 2021 annual report, another authoritative data agency noted that automated mail accounted for 29.6 percent of all orders through the email channel, but only 2.2 percent of all emails sent were automated. In other words, automated mail has been able to leverage amazing conversion rates with more precise shipments.

In fact, it's no surprise that automated email can have such benefits: Google's Consumer Trends Insights report states that "53% of shoppers say they always research before making a purchase to ensure they're making the best choice." This means that in today's increasingly saturated e-commerce penetration, the more products customers browse before making a purchase, the more likely they are to forget all of their choices. 

All automated email has to do is connect with customers at the peak of their forgetting curve.

2.4 How to use SmartPush to build automation?

SmartPush extracts several automatic push workflows from the whole process of customer introduction to the website, growth period, maturity period, dormant period, and loss period according to the user life cycle node. Help businesses to arrange automated mail efficiently and quickly.

In addition, SmartPush and SHOPLINE are deeply linked on the trigger node and have a sensitive automated email trigger mechanism to maximize the revenue from each email.

Let's break down the features and core issues of the workflow.

(1)Welcome Email

Welcome Email is far and away the most popular workflow in the enterprise of all automated emails, and its appeal can be felt just from the data reports: the average open rate for the Welcome Email series across industries is 46.48%, meaning that nearly half of all email subscribers open them.

Welcome Email is the first step for customers to get to know the store, and it is also the first email to contact customers.

In this email, SmartPush recommends you:

Promote conversion: Display the first offer (preferably on a prominent main BANNER)

Make a good impression: Tell the brand story (e.g. brand origin, concept, product design concept, etc.)

Introduce your product: Put the 1-3 items with the highest average conversion rate in your email

The ideal welcome email will be something like this: Visual content that is compelling enough to read, discounts that encourage the most conversion, and an appropriate brand story

Finally, how many welcome emails should I send? 

The answer is one or funnel three. The so-called funnel 3 is used to check if the customer has placed an order before the second and third packets are sent. If not, emphasize "you have one discount left to use" in the content to promote the order. New subscribers who have already placed an order don't have to receive repeated push emails. (The workflow of the three-email series can be found in the SmartPush Welcome Subscription template)

(2)Sales Retention Series Emails

If your store has a lot of SKUs, high unit prices, or out-of-season products, then the retention email series is very important to you. Retention sales mainly start from the degree of customer retention, over a period of time, through repeated reminders, appropriate discounts, and appropriate similar products to arouse customers' potential conversion opportunities.

Shallow retention: browsing page has not purchased recall, browsing products have not purchased recall

Moderate retention: Forgo cart recall (SmartPush supports email placement of cart items that customers have abandoned)

Deep retention: Discard order recall (SmartPush supports placing information about customers' abandoned orders in the email)

Retention sales emails keep customers coming back to your site and re-interested in items they've already viewed or given up on, so a well-placed opening message that conveys "anxiety" may have unexpected benefits, such as:

Hurry Up!  Add to the cart before it's too late!

You still got items left in your cart!

This item will be sold out soon!

(3)Notification Email and Customer Relationship Maintenance Email

Such automated emails do not work as quickly as the two scenarios above. But that doesn't mean they don't have the opportunity to leverage potential gains.

Order Confirmation email: Due to the nature of order notification emails, the open rate of order notification emails is often much higher than the average level. Therefore, you can appropriately add a THANK YOU Coupon to promote re-purchase in this email, or invite them to join your website membership system, so as to facilitate subsequent re-purchase marketing.

Repurchase Reminder email and Inactive user recall: these two preset workflows are short-term repurchase wake-up call and long-term repurchase wake-up call, respectively. E-commerce merchants are recommended to carry out email contact in the long and short periods with the highest repurchase rate according to their customers' CRM data.

Customers who have placed orders have had complete knowledge and experience of your brand and shopping process. At this time, they often no longer need shopping path guidance but need to give customers some new perceptions and new stimulation points:

Telling customers what's new on your site these days: new products, new categories, new payment methods, or faster logistics vouchers may increase their recall efficiency.

Starting from the second email, you can also attach more discount activities, if the brand has a separate membership system, you can also invite customers to participate in the friend referral mechanism, so as to further enhance the connection with customers.

2.5 How to automate SmartPush configurations?

Go to the SmartPush plugin, click Automation - Automation Template - Select the automation workflow you want to create, and click Create Automation to begin your automation journey.

3. How to improve the opening rate?

Opening an email is the first bridge between the recipient and the sender, which is important for the final transformation.

3.1 How to calculate the open rate?

In SmartPush, the formula for calculating the open rate is as follows: Open rate = number of open emails/number of delivered emails. A high open rate is usually a sign that the message is appealing and resonates with customers.

3.2 Average open rate

So for e-commerce, what is the average open rate? What open rate is needed to be good? According to a sample survey from Mailchimp, the average open rate for all industries in 2022 is 21.33%, and for e-commerce, the average open rate is 15.68%.

3.3 How to Improve open rate?

So how to effectively improve the open rate? There are several ways to improve:

(1)Pay attention to the email delivery rate 

The last step before the recipient opens the message is to discover the message from the inbox. A higher rate of incoming mail means there is a much higher chance that the mail will be found and opened by the customer.

(2)Whether the target audience is accurate?

Is the recipient actually subscribed to an email address? How aware is the recipient of the brand? Is the recipient's email address genuine and valid?

These problems directly affect whether the recipient will open the email. Keeping the list accurate and clean is the key to improving effectiveness.

(3)Whether the subject of the email is attractive

The best way to know exactly what resonates with your recipient is to keep trying different things in your email. An effective email keynote accurately describes the message and impresses the recipient.

When crafting your email message, follow these tips to get a higher open rate:

  • Insert personalization variables: Personalized email themes have been shown to increase open rates and are even more effective when used in conjunction with marketing automation, such as welcome to subscribe, order confirmation, and drop shopping cart recalls.
  • Keep it short: For many recipients, especially those reading emails on mobile devices, a short message can convey the full, effective message. We generally advise against using email subject lines longer than 9 words or 60 characters.

  • Eye-catching keywords: You can increase open rates by putting in certain keywords, such as "FREE", "50% OFF", etc., for price-sensitive recipients. Combining email content with keywords to convey the core value to the recipient is one of the keys to increasing the open rate.
  • Experiment with emoticons: Often, adding emoticons to an email's main message can bring it to life and have a positive impact. However, it is important to keep an eye on whether emoji can accurately convey the right message. Different operating systems may present different versions of emoji, so it is important to test them.

4. How to Improve email click-through rate?

4.1 What is the click-through rate?

Mail click-through rates are calculated based on the number of clicks that click on at least one link in your email marketing campaign.

The formula is: clicks/deliveries *100

Email click-through rates are one of the most important email marketing metrics, with 73% of marketers using click-through rates as a way to measure the success of their email campaigns, according to Ascend2's survey.

4.2 Ensuring valid links

If there is no link placed in the email, no matter how your customers click, they will not be able to jump to your page! This is fairly basic common sense, but in the actual operation process, there will still be many marketing personnel who forget to check the existence and effectiveness of each link in the email, which will lead to the recipient cannot jump to the online store correctly when they find the content they are interested in, wasting a conversion opportunity.

With SmartPush, you won't encounter this problem: SmartPush's image and button blocks are pre-configured with a link to the online store. Even if the marketing staff forgets to configure the link, the customer will be able to access the homepage of the online store when clicked.

4.3 Redesigning Email Content

If the click-through rate is still low, we need to focus on the content of the email itself. First of all, email is a visual experience, a good-looking Banner, gimmicky copy, eye-catching product display, brand tone all play a huge role in click-through rate. Please try to optimize email vision from the following aspects:

(1) Provide compelling CTAs

CTAs are calls to action made by optimizing short text. For example, SHOP NOW, Get Now and so on.

Here are some suggestions for setting up CTAs:

Prominently placed: In email marketing, CTAs should always be on the "first screen," meaning on any device or screen of any size, to ensure that CTAs are the first thing the recipient sees when they click on the email. Conversely, if CTAs are placed in the content or at the bottom of the email, it will be harder for the recipient to find and click.

Straight to the point CTAs: SHOP NOW, GET NOW, DON'T MISS OUT, etc., as well as the interest appeal: UP TO 50 OFF! BUY 1 GET 2, Shop Black Friday and so on.

Bright colors: In most cases, the color of CTAs should be determined by the overall color of the message and the brand color. Often email marketers will set the CTAs color to the brand color. Statistics show that brighter colors like orange or red are more successful.

2 or 3 CTAs are enough: Experiments have shown that if we have too many CTAs in our email, it's easy to create the paradox of choice, where too many choices leave us doing nothing.

(2) Change the subject and content of the email

The goal of sending emails is usually to get more sales, so in the actual process of sending emails, most senders mainly introduce direct marketing campaigns and promote products. But sometimes, too many marketing emails that are too dense or too many of the same ones can cause click fatigue. 

When the click-through rate is weak, we can review the subject and content of recent emails to see if there are any similarities. At the same time, we can get more inspiration for sending messages in the massive template library of SmartPush.

(3) Set incentives

Discount is definitely a click and conversion enhancement tool! Make use of the promotional discount block of SmartPush editor, intelligently connect the discount code in SHOPLINE, and jump to the pop-up window of the store to place orders more smoothly.

(4) Social Media sharing ICONS

Research by Get Response found that emails that included a social media share button had higher click-through rates than those that did not. Emails without a social sharing icon had an average click-through rate of 2.4 percent, compared with 6.2 percent for those that included one. The click-through rate increased by 158%! Based on this amazing experiment, don't forget to use the SmartPush social media block to add your social media icon.

(5) Data feedback of mail heat map

Each email task of SmartPush provides an "email heat map" data report. Through the email heat map, you can know exactly where the customer clicks. This means that it is this part of the email that makes the customer have a strong interest, and pay more attention to the part they like to click, so as to optimize the email content in the right direction.

5. Conclusion

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your target audience. By creating a good email marketing plan, you can build a strong relationship with your subscribers, increase traffic to your website, and boost your profits.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your email marketing strategy to the next level! Sign up for the free trial of SHOPLINE Smartpush and discover the power of email marketing for yourself. Our Help Center is also available to provide you with everything you need to know to get started.

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