SHOPLINE Themes Expect: Best website design for online furniture stores

Feature Spotlight
August 10, 2023

Expect is a free website design template offered by SHOPLINE for building an online furniture store. It boasts a rich color palette and a feature-packed layout. With Expect, you have the flexibility to add, rearrange, and customize each page without coding. 

The theme can adapt and grow with your business over time. From the initial launch of your online store to driving increased sales, Expect ensures a seamless fit. Preview the demo.

SHOPLINE Themes Expect for online furniture store

Build your furniture store with the dynamic and adaptable theme

Expect is not just a static theme; it's a dynamic and adaptable partner for your business. With its specially designed aesthetics for home sites, Expect offers a wide range of customization options. 

SHOPLINE understands that your brand and products are unique, so it has made it easy to add, remove, and rearrange sections to create custom layouts that effectively showcase your brand identity.

Taking the home page as an example, Expect provides support for different templates and a library of advanced components, including the split slideshow, collection list, promotion, etc. Whether you want to showcase related products, create a lookbook, feature a gallery on the homepage, or add a video section to your "About" page, the Expect website template has got you covered.

Also, Expect supports application widgets, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your homepage and customize their appearance right in the theme editor. And as more and more applications adopt support for application widgets, you can expect even greater flexibility and functionality in the future.

Turn shoppers into paying customers

Easy responsive website design

Most of the traffic to online stores comes from mobile devices now. That's why it was crucial to create a theme that is mobile-first. But designing for mobile screens is actually more challenging than designing for desktops. You have to fit the same amount of functionality and content onto a much smaller space, and it's often overlooked. 

Designing your mobile responsive website is a breeze with SHOPLINE's intuitive interface. No coding skills are required as you effortlessly customize layouts, colors, and fonts. And your website will seamlessly adjust to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal viewing on smartphones and tablets. The result? A more innovative and user-friendly experience for buyers.

Easy mobile responsive website design

Understand your shoppers

When it comes to online shopping, customers have different behaviors and preferences. Expect theme is crafted to cater to various types of shoppers without any cost. Some shoppers are focused on finding a specific product, so quick access to collections and easy-to-use product filtering options are important. While some enjoy exploring and getting inspired before making a purchase decision. For them, visually appealing sections throughout all pages are needed to spark their curiosity and help them discover new products.

To further enhance the shopping experience, SHOPLINE introduces cross-selling areas and blocks placed within the shopping journey, like the shopping cart. This allows buyers to come across relevant products that they may find interesting, even if they weren't actively searching for them. 

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Easy to set up and get started

SHOPLINE consciously upgrades Expect to be as easy to customize as possible for free, empowering you to create a differentiated and professional-looking online furniture store by simply adjusting a few settings. 

One key aspect of Expect is its coordinated color palette. SHOPLINE has simplified the process of selecting colors by providing predefined color styles that are specifically crafted to complement different components of the theme. 

easy to set up and get sarted

Another notable feature of Expect is its flexible layout. The templates are scalable, ensuring visually pleasing pages regardless of the number of products or content you have. Additionally, SHOPLINE knows that not all merchants have the resources or design expertise to consistently edit product images, especially when starting out. That's why Expect supports uniform image scaling and offers instant uniform layouts for product pages.


Seize the chance to unleash the power of Expect, the best and free website design template for online furniture stores. Embark on your SHOPLINE journey today.

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