SHOPLINE WEBPUSH: An Advanced Push Notification Tool

Feature Spotlight
July 28, 2023

Promotions are everywhere these days and it's important to make sure your marketing stands out and grabs your customers' attention, especially for e-commerce businesses. That's where web push notifications come in handy. Web push messages are great to connect with your store's visitors and increase sales. The best part? Visitors don't have to give any personal information to subscribe. They just need to click "allow" on the website to start receiving your offers and notifications.

SHOPLINE’s WEBPUSH is a powerful push notification tool for e-commerce businesses. With SHOPLINE's WEBPUSH, you can easily create a new marketing channel for your store, in addition to email and SMS push. It is a one-click process to turn visitors into subscribers and start sending them timely and customizable promotions and notifications. So how does WEBPUSH work to promote e-commerce sales?

Multi-scenario marketing with WEBPUSH

In today's highly competitive e-commerce market, scene-based marketing has become a required course. WEBPUSH offers two types of push notification modes based on different scenarios: customized push and automated push.

Customizable push content for marketing campaigns

For a holiday sale promotion, merchants send marketing messages to customers before and after the holiday to promote sales.

For example, they send warm-up activities before the holiday to inform customers of discounts; promote discount policies during the festival to increase product popularity and stimulate buyers' desire to purchase; and send another round of messages after the festival to retain buyers and attract those who have not yet placed an order.

customize event settings

WEBPUSH's customized push function allows you to add an event and customize the settings. You just need to type the campaign name, push title, push picture, and jump link. Then you can schedule the campaign at a specific time. The appearance of your push message on different devices (Android, Mac OS, and Windows), is shown on the right directly. You may change them to make them more attractive to your customers. This function can help you to add and schedule multiple events for different scenarios, saving time and effort.

Automated push for standard e-commerce events

For e-commerce businesses, efficiently conveying marketing information to users at important moments can greatly enhance the user experience and increase traffic conversion.

automated push for standard ecommerceevents

SHOPLINE's WEBPUSH is well-equipped to meet your needs for pushing products in various scenarios. It supports automatically sending targeted push notifications to customers based on standard e-commerce events, such as welcoming new users, recovering abandoned orders, browsing and leaving products, placing orders and delivering, price reductions, and restocking. This function can greatly enhance the user experience and help you to maximize your sales.

Abandoned cart recovery

User segmentation for targeted push

WEBPUSH can assist merchants with user management. In addition to making it easy for sellers to access basic information about customers, WEBPUSH also allows them to group customers based on tags and send targeted push notifications to specific user groups. 

Comprehensive data dashboard

comprehensive data dashboard

WEBPUSH provides an intuitive and convenient data dashboard that allows merchants to easily access data on push notifications, clicks, subscribers, and conversion rates. This data can be used to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of push notifications and provide insights for optimizing future push strategies.

By leveraging the data dashboard provided by WEBPUSH, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of push notifications. Then use this information to identify trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of different push strategies.


Don't let your competitors get ahead - try out WEBPUSH today and take your e-commerce business to new heights! WEBPUSH is the ultimate push notification tool to help you reach more potential customers and maximize your sales.

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting customer data and boost your marketing strategy with SHOPLINE's WEBPUSH. Sign up now and see the results for yourself. And if you have any questions or concerns, SHOPLINE’s consultants are always here to assist you.

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