Transform Your Customer Relationships with a CRM System that Delivers Real Results

Unlock the power of targeted marketing with our advanced customer segmentation tools and 360° portrait analysis! Harness the full potential of your DTC marketing strategy, drive conversion and boost retention rates with ease.

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Customer relationship management
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Discover the True Potential of Your Customer Base with SHOPLINE's 360° Customer Segmentation Analysis

With our comprehensive customer profiling tools, you'll gain a clear understanding of changes in customer numbers, subscriptions, and repurchase rates. Use these valuable insights to identify new business opportunities and overcome obstacles to your current business model - all in real-time.

Maximise Your Marketing Efforts with Targeted Crowd Management

Personalised Emails and Discounts - Get more engagement with less efforts! Transform your customer data into high-converting emails that resonate with your audience.
Scale Your Business with Confidence - Use in-depth customer insights to drive growth and make informed decisions, with the flexibility to create hundreds of customer segments and keep unlimited records.

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Segmentation for personalised customer operations

Unleash the Power of Multi-Dimensional Segmentation for Personalised Customer Operations

Use algorithm-chosen audience, custom audience and advertising strategy to reach your target audience, improve audience matching, and help ROAS improve.

Harness the power of your user data with SHOPLINE's sophisticated segmentation template

Choose from over 10 options in 5 categories, including region, language, and user value, to gain a comprehensive view of your audience. And, with our user management system that's easy to build, you can make personalised recommendations and enhance the impact of each of your valued users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to manage customer relationship?

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Managing customer relationships requires analyzing customer portraits and mastering customer data for personalized operations. SHOPLINE provides you with CRM to handle it. Search for Customer Management in the Help Center.

2. Is there a good CRM recommendation?

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SHOPLINE CRM is a powerful customer relationship management system with accurate customer profiling and in-depth tracking of customer shopping behavior. It is free to use. It makes your e-commerce analysis easier and more direct, while opening up email marketing so that merchants can have advanced control over SHOPLINE customer information.

3. How do I manage my customers on SHOPLINE?

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Refer to our step-by-step instructions to manage customers.

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