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Enhance Customer Loyalty with CRM

Unlock the power of targeted marketing with our advanced customer segmentation tools and 360° portrait analysis! Harness the full potential of your DTC marketing strategy, drive conversion and boost retention rates with ease.

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Elevate your loyalty program by creating tiers that offer exclusive perks to your most valuable customers

Elevate your loyalty program by offering multi-tiered perks to your customers

Unlock the power of loyalty with our customized rewards program. Set your tiers to offer points, discounts, free shipping, and more to reward your most loyal customers, with birthday discounts and personalized privileges that make them feel truly valued.

Drive customer engagement with a point-based rewards program

Drive customer engagement with a point-based rewards program
Earn points with ease
Customers can experience the full benefits of our CRM system using the Member System app. Earn points for every interaction, including registration, subscriptions, birthdays, purchases, social shares, and comments.
Flexible reward redemption types
Reward your customers the way they want - with points for cash, redeemable discount codes, and more. Create a loyalty program that fits your brand and delights your customers, forging a strong and lasting relationship between you and them.
Reap maximum benefits of your referral program

Reap maximum benefits of your referral program

Eliminate the hassle of manual referral tracking with a CRM system that rewards both inviters and invitees. Expand your customer base and grow your business through easy sharing options via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.

Boost engagement in the moments that matter

Boost customer engagement with Nudges, our on-site reminder system. Encourage registration, logins, referrals, and more at the right time to build strong relationships and grow your business. Our CRM system empowers your engagement strategy.

Boost engagement in the moments that matter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to manage customer relationship?

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Managing customer relationships requires analyzing customer portraits and mastering customer data for personalized operations. SHOPLINE provides you with CRM to handle it. Search for Customer Management in the Help Center.

2. Is there a good CRM recommendation?

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SHOPLINE CRM is a powerful customer relationship management system with accurate customer profiling and in-depth tracking of customer shopping behavior. It is free to use. It makes your e-commerce analysis easier and more direct, while opening up email marketing so that merchants can have advanced control over SHOPLINE customer information.

3. How do I manage my customers on SHOPLINE?

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Refer to our step-by-step instructions to manage customers.

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