Master the Commerce Game: Top Tips for Success in 2024

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March 1, 2024

The commerce industry, not just in Australia but globally, is rapidly evolving. Retailers, big and small, are confronted with challenges and opportunities that demand strategic innovation. Now more than ever, it's crucial for retailers to be strategic in their approach, not just as consumer demands change and technology advances, but as economic pressures put greater pressure on business budgets and bottom lines. 

According to recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, total online retail sales were $3.9 billion in December 2023. Seasonally adjusted online sales rose 1.6% from last month which is equivalent to $61.8, following a rise of 2.8% in November 2023. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years. Clearly, online is essential for retailers, but it’s by no means the only focus. Let’s deep dive into some essential commerce tips that should be at the forefront of every retailer’s strategy to drive growth.

Unified is the holy grail

As competition intensifies and consumer demands and expectations increase, delivering a seamless and integrated customer experience becomes more crucial than ever. With shoppers today using multiple channels, unified commerce is the strategy through which retailers are active on every one of those channels, but through one seamless strategy. By seamlessly integrating all online and offline touchpoints, retailers can turn customer experience into a cohesive journey. It improves retailers’ ability to deliver a connected, continuous shopping experience across any device or location, digital or in-person. Consistency across these channels fosters trust and loyalty, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience - and, therefore, their likelihood of returning.

SHOPLINE enables retailers to deploy a unified commerce strategy, through real-time synchronisation of inventory, pricing, and customer data, offering a unified experience regardless of the platform. SHOPLINE offers a range of tools designed to help retailers understand the online element of their unified commerce strategy, including SEO tools, site speed boosters, digital marketing resources, memberships, product reviews, and order invoice customisation for B2B merchants.

​​Maximise data

When navigating the intricacies of a connected and cohesive unified commerce strategy ecosystem, retailers should use data to tie everything together. Ditch the guesswork and embrace data-driven insights to pinpoint areas that require improvement. Retailers should utilise the wealth of data on hand, including behavioural insights from tools like Google Analytics and qualitative data gleaned from customer interactions. 

For example, if data reveals that customer A is a significant spender but infrequent purchaser, retailers can strategically design offers such as providing early access to high-value collections or limited-edition products. Or for customers who make frequent purchases but smaller-value transactions, retailers could entice them with clearance sale items. This personalised approach, driven by data, allows retailers to fine-tune promotions according to individual customer behaviours and preferences. 

A thorough understanding of customer behaviours, coupled with the ability to address concerns through qualitative insights, enables retailers to identify and rectify performance issues, paving the way for more memorable, effective experiences.

Revolutionise shopping experiences with AI-powered personalisation

Today, personalisation is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for personalised recommendations, targeted marketing, and tailored shopping experiences is a game-changer. Retailers who don’t tap into it will fall behind. AI algorithms delve into vast amounts of customer data to understand preferences, predict behaviour, and offer personalised product recommendations. By delivering content and product suggestions aligned with individual interests, retailers can significantly boost customer engagement and drive conversions. SHOPLINE’s integration of AI across our platform empowers retailers to tap into cutting-edge tools that power growth and the delivery of experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Prioritise loyalty and retention

Fostering loyalty and retention is paramount in a competitive landscape. Research indicates that over eight in ten shoppers exhibit brand loyalty towards businesses with effective loyalty programs. Loyalty programs could be something as simple as enticing upsells with ‘buy two get a third half price’ or more advanced, like segmenting high-value customers and sharing targeted benefits, such as exclusive early access to new releases. A loyal and satisfied customer base not only contributes to increased revenue but also serves as a valuable asset in customer acquisition through positive word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Customer retention is more cost-effective and valuable than customer acquisition, so in the face of economic pressures, loyalty programs are essential.

Invest in sustainable business practices

Sustainability is becoming one of the defining issues for consumers, retailers and entire industries today. In fact, Commonwealth Bank’s research found that 31% of consumers opt for brands that have implemented waste reduction policies and initiatives, while a further 44% said they sometimes do. With consumer consciousness towards sustainability on the rise, retailers that build environmentally friendly practices and stances into their operations are gaining competitive edges. 

Retailers must start thinking of implementing sustainable packaging, reducing carbon footprints in logistics, and communicating transparently their commitment to eco-friendly initiatives. Incorporating sustainable practices not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also contributes to a positive brand image.

In the ever-evolving world of commerce, staying ahead demands strategic foresight and a commitment to adapting to changing trends. SHOPLINE exists to equip retailers with all the essential tools they require to thrive in today's digital age. SHOPLINE empowers retailers to level-up their commerce, helping them to sell, market and operate their business across popular online channels - it’s easy to use, perfect for beginners, and incredibly affordable.

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