Ecommerce Customer Service Guide: 6 Strategies To Create Remarkable Customer Experiences

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November 3, 2023

What is ecommerce customer service?   

Commerce customer service is a fundamental cornerstone for every business, as it directly influences customer experience, loyalty, and brand reputation, leading to significant business growth. While you focus on purchasing inventory, building an online store using an ecommerce platform, and devising effective marketing strategies, there is one often overlooked element that deserves your attention: customer service.

Ecommerce customer service involves a range of tasks, including promptly addressing product queries, efficiently handling returns and shipments, and providing shipping updates to customers. These interactions typically occur through channels such as phone, email, live chat, and helpdesk software. By implementing ecommerce customer service software, you not only reduce manual work for merchants but also prioritise excellent customer service as the cornerstone of your business. Let's dive into why customer service holds such significance and explore ways to enhance your own customer service efforts.

6 Keys to Providing the Best Ecommerce Customer Service

1. Leverage Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews provide valuable insights into your customers' experiences and expectations. Actively engage with and respond to customer reviews to demonstrate proactive customer service. By acknowledging both positive and negative feedback, you show customers that their voices are heard and appreciated, fostering confidence and loyalty.

2. Have an FAQ Section:

Empower your online shoppers to find solutions on their own by implementing a comprehensive FAQ section or knowledge base. Cover common queries and provide clear information on product details, shipping policies, and other relevant topics. This resource helps reduce the number of support inquiries and enables customers to resolve issues independently.

3. Develop Multi-channel Support:

Modern shoppers engage with brands across various communication channels. Offer multi-channel customer support to meet customers where they are. From email and SMS to social media, provide direct lines of communication for post-purchase support. By being accessible and responsive on multiple channels, you can deliver excellent customer service and exceed expectations.

4. Utilise Live Chat:

Live chat software is a powerful tool for providing immediate assistance to customers who visit your online store. Incorporate chatbots or live chat features to answer common questions and provide real-time support. This not only reduces wait times but also enhances the overall customer experience. Shopify Inbox, for example, offers real-time responses to inquiries about order tracking, refund policies, and other frequently asked questions.

5. Personalise Your Approach:

Tailor your customer service approach to create a personalised experience for each customer. This can include providing dedicated email or phone support for issue resolution or offering personalised post-purchase follow-ups. Small gestures like including stickers or handwritten notes in packaging can leave a lasting positive impression. By going the extra mile to personalise interactions, you build stronger connections with customers and foster loyalty.

6. Provide a Customer-Centric Returns Policy

A complete and customer-friendly return policy is an essential aspect of exceptional ecommerce customer service. Clearly outline your return process, including eligibility criteria, timeframes, and any associated fees. Make it easily accessible on your website, preferably in a dedicated "Return Policy" section.

Ensure that your return policy is fair, flexible, and easy to understand. Be transparent about refund options, whether it's offering a full refund, store credit, or exchanges. Provide clear instructions on how customers can initiate a return, including any required documentation or steps.

SHOPLINE’ powerful and free customer service built-in tools

1.Message centre 

SHOPLINE's Message Center offers several advantages for ecommerce merchants. It provides a centralised platform to manage customer inquiries from various channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. This streamlines customer communication and improves efficiency. With real-time notifications, ecommerce merchants can respond promptly to customer messages, enhancing customer satisfaction. By utilising SHOPLINE's Message Center, businesses can provide excellent customer service and build strong customer relationships. It is a valuable tool that ecommerce businesses should consider using to enhance their customer support operations.

2.Policy Template

SHOPLINE's Policy Template offers the following advantages for ecommerce businesses:

Easy creation: The Policy Template simplifies the process of creating essential policies for your store.

Customization options: You can customise the policies to reflect your brand and meet legal requirements.

Compliance: The template helps ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Seamless integration: Policies created with the template appear as links in the checkout page footer, making them easily accessible to customers.

Encourages transparency: Clear policies build trust with customers by providing important information about refunds, privacy, terms of service, and shipping.

By using SHOPLINE's Policy Template, businesses can quickly create and integrate policies to enhance transparency, compliance, and customer trust. It is a valuable tool that all ecommerce businesses should consider using.


Exceptional customer service is essential for the success of any ecommerce business. By leveraging customer reviews, implementing an FAQ section, providing multi-channel support, utilising live chat, personalising the customer experience, and having a comprehensive return policy, you can enhance the customer journey and foster loyalty. SHOPLINE's powerful tools, such as the Message Center and Policy Template, further streamline customer communication and ensure transparency. 

If you'd like to learn more about how SHOPLINE can benefit your business, feel free to reach out to us today and arrange a demo .

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