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How SHOPLINE POS can help you to grow and scale your business

Beautiful clerk waiting for customers to pay bill
Feature-rich and stable software
Support you to achieve sales target efficiently anywhere
Competitive payment tools
Support rich diverse payment channels to meet various payment needs of consumers
Real-time online and offline data synchronization
Create a seamless shopping experience for your customers


Simple and Seamless Checkout Operation to Enrich Customer and Staff Experience
Support exchange past purchases from retail store location and allow refund or top-up difference.
Park and Retrieve Cart
Hold and retrieve up to 80 orders
Custom Receipt Format
Customize your receipt according to your brand guidelines.
Custom Tax Number
Simplify applied tax rate reconciliationa and record for different cities and countries.
Bring your Register to Anywhere
Take your iOS and Android tablet to anywhere your customer is.
Checkout Offline
Continue selling even when the internet is offline, POS will automatically resync your orders when internet is ack online.
7 Types of Automatic Discount
Complete O2O solution with automatic discount that is applied on the checkout automatically! Staff need not dd the discount manually during checkout.
4 Types of Discount Codes
Elevate your customer shopping experience with special discount codes applied to specific products, order during checkout.
4 Receipt Options
Print, Email, SMS, WhatsApp receipt options available for you various store setting.
Shortcut to Custom Discounts
Create shortcut to apply order level or product level discount based on dedicated in store promotion and campaign.
Order Notes
Add notes to record special request for followup.
Custom Sale
Add a custom on the spot for various adhoc activities.
Multiple Add-to-Cart Methods
Easy interface for you to search, scan, tap on image to add to cart for fast and hassle free checkout.
Offline Payment
Complete transactions even when you’re offline with cash payment.
Returns & Refunds
Support multiple partial / full refunds and exchange for same order.
Express Tender Amount Suggestion
Increase checkout speed and efficency.

Payments Solutions

Multiple in-person payment options to elevate customer experience and ensure they complete the transaction seamlessly
Preferential Credit Cards Rates
Securely accept credit cards like Mastercard and Visa at a flat 1.5% preferential rate.
Accept Popular Payment Methods
Our payment terminal accept popular methods - Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
Custom Payment Types
Create custom buttons to accept cash, credit card, debit, eWallet, gift vouchers, cash coupon, or any other payment type to suit your business needs.
Contactless Payments
Speed up payment process by accepting contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
Split Payments
Allow customers to pay with multiple payment types in a single transaction - Cards, Cash, Voucher, Coupon, Bank Transfer and more custom payment.
Rounding Mechanism
Rounding Mechanism / Cash Rounding compliance to ensure you meet universal requirements.
POS orders data and payments will be seamlessly auto-reconciliation reduce error and save time.

Omnichannel solutions

Designed to create a seamless customer journey to elevate your customer shopping experience
Synchorizied Data
Run your loyalty campaigns with automation designed for busy retailers.
Buy Online, Pick-up in Store BOPIS
Enable customer to buy online, pickup orders directly from your retail store for face to face upselling opportunities.
Buy in Store, Ship to Customer
Encourage in store customer to increase basket size and ship to customers. Shipping rates are automatically applied at checkout.
Buy Online, Ship from Store
Manage and fulfil online orders and ship to customers from retail store where you have available inventory.

Smart Inventory Management App

Cost-effective inventory management system for all locations, reduce inventory losses while increase profitability
Purchase Orders
Always have your top-selling products in stock with automated stock orders and customizable reorder points.
Purchase Suggestion
View inventory on hand, set low stock alert trigger points and auto generate purchase suggestions for better decisions.
Inventory Allocation
Easily allocate and transfer inventory from one store to other store, check and receive inbound inventory across your stores with ease.
Inventory Alerts
Automated stock orders and customizable reorder points for top-selling products in stock.
Supplier Management
Keep all suppliers’ contact and details in one place for easy and faster reference.
Inventory Analysis
In-depth and multi-level filter options for targeted inventory analysis for data-driven replenishment decision.
ABC Analysis
Stock performance grading system to give you greater inventory control and profitability by identify products that make the most money.
Inventory Counts
Perform multiple counts efficiently and accurately to complete full or partial inventory update with scanner on POS app or business admin.
Inventory Receiving
Retreive PO, perform on in store POS or business admin to accurately count and inbound inventory.
Inventory Reports
Export your inventory data for in-depth analysis and efficienctly bulk import updated inventory count to all locations with just a click.
Real-time Inventory Tracking
Real-time cloud automation & data sync, enable you to have universal product & stocks visibility.


Manage central product catalog and sync your products across all your sales channels to eliminate overlap and errors
Unlimited Products Library
Add an unlimited amount of product listings online and push to your POS.
Product Categories
Categorize products by brands, types, colors, size, price range, seasons, promotions and more for easy filter and sort products on POS.
Universal Product & Stocks Visibility
View available stocks across all sales channels and stores to maximize every sales opportunities.
Multi-Location Inventory
Allocate and shared inventory across all sales channels to optimize inventory turnover and profitability.
Barcode Generator
Coming soon..


Convert window shoppers into customers that keep coming back
Create Customer Profiles
Easily create new customer profiles in store, enable you to launch O2O strategy efficiently for loyalty program and remarketing using SHOPLINE marketing tools.
Central Customer Database
Keep customer data in sync across all your sales channels, including your ecommerce, social commerce, message center and in store.
Quick View of Order History
Whether customers complete the sale online or in store, their order information is automatically synced to business admin for reporting and analytics.
Notify Customers
Reach BOPIS orders and notify customers from your POS using email.
Integrated Member System
Member System to easily to recruit new customers and grow revenue from existing customers.
Earn Member Points
Reward your customers with points and keep them coming back for more.
Redeem Points
Customers can redeem their points and offset from the in store payment.

Cloud Reporting and Analytics

Gain real-time insights and multi-faceted analytics report to grow your ROI
Day End Sales Report
Daily register closure summaries and historical order summary, payment methods and product sales categories and easily check for discrepancies.
Register Shift Reports
Useful sales report of staff when they log into POS, detailed list of orders. All the information needed for working hours calculation and attribute sales to staff for tracking of performance.
Retail Sales Dashboard
Real time overview of retail key sales metrics from any devices, anytime, anywhere.
Retail Sales Reports
Make business decisions by comparing retail sales by products, SKU, stores, cashier and salesperson.
Cash Tracking
Enable cash tracking during shift change, identify source of cash discrepancy, improve operational efficiency and accurately track the expected balance in cash drawer for end of day handover.
Profit Margin Reports
Find out how profitable different products, SPU, SKU, and by retail stores.
Product Sales Reports
Compare your sales of different channels, SPUs, SKUs to make data-driven business decision.
Sales by Discount Reports
Evaluate and track the various discount mechanics performance for immediate action plan and aid future promotion plan.
Inventory Reports
Manage monthly inventory level by monitoring movements and turnover.
Finances Reports
View your store's finances, including order amounts, sales, refunds, payments, and more.

Staff Management

Full Control and Manage Staff Role and Permission on One Business Admin
Role management and approvals
Assign role permission for sensitive and restricted actions like viewing and editing customer data, sales analytics, and applying discounts on cashier, products and order levels.
Unlimited POS Staff Access
Add unlimited staff who have POS access with customize restricted permission.
Staff Information and Role
Control staff roles, shift change, register tracking from one backoffice to gain full visibility of daily sales performance.
Customize Role
Create and Customize staff role according to different business models and industry needs, pre-set permission for faster activation of new staff role & permission.
Staff Performance Analysis (TBC)
Attribute sales to staff for target achievement and commissions calcualtion.
Staff Access Permission
Centralize staff management and specify staff roles to ensure you have full visibility of staff activities and ensure they have limited access to sensitive data.
Unique POS PINs
Assign unique screenlock pins for every staff.

Multi Store Management

A Centralized Business Admin to Set Up Retail Stores Efficiently
A single backoffice to set up point-of-sale from locations, staff access, payment methods, products, inventory, receipt template, to overview of total sales.
Add Registers
Add an additional long-term or short-term registers in just minutes for seasonal pop-up stores.
Add Locations
Open a new outlet, add a warehouse or a pop-up store in minutes, anytime of the day.


A Tablet to Kick Start Your In-store Point-of-Sale
POS Hardware
We works with a wide range of hardware. Find out if SHOPLINE POS works with hardware you already own.
Connectivity Screens
Track connectivity with compatible hardware and set-up instruciton.
Compatible Hardware Accessories
Apart from operating out of an Android or iPad terminal, the SHOPLINE POS is equipped with hardware such as cash drawer, receipt printer, scanner, etc. Running on a wireless connection improves operational efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between SHOPLINE POS and other POS?

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SHOPLINE POS unifies your retail shops and online stores shop, seamlessly integrating your website, social media, messaging app and Point-of-Sale. In addition to the daily cashiering and inventory management tasks, our solution allow you to synchronise stock across all your sales channels, provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers, and empower your omnichannel capabilities such as in-store pick-up, local delivery, home delivery and email shopping carts.

2. How do I know this is the POS system for me?

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The right POS system should be easy-to-use, designed specifically for your industry and allow you to sell wherever your customers are, whether online or offline. When in doubt, ask for a demo and experience first-hand how it works.